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Pro Golfer


Born in Taiyo village, Ibaraki prefecture (currently Hokota city). He started golf from his father’s recommendation and went to Takushoku University Koryo Highschool in Chiba. In 2006, he won a 3rd place in “National High School Championship” during his 3rd year in high school. While in Tohoku Fukushi University, he won a champion in “National Athletes Meet, Male Individual”.
In November 2010, when he was in the 4th year of university, he proclaimed officially to be a pro-golfer. His first appearance to the game was in 2015 after experiencing few games in QT. In 2016, he won a 5th place in “Mizuno Open Tournament”.
In 2018, he joined the training camp with Nobuo Serizawa and Hiroyuki Fujita. He explained that his swing has changed dramatically after learning the technique how to swing and carry the ball using the whole body. His acquirement appeared clearly to his result of winning a champion in Abema TV Tour held in April 2018. He left a stable result on few other tournaments and ended his year 3rd on his prize rank. In 2019, he finished 26th place in “Sega Sammy Cup”. He entered 13th place in QT and is ready to participate in another tournament soon.
He raises Jensen Button to be a person he respects."