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Daisuke Ito

Racing Driver


Born in November 5, 1975.
Currently, belongs to LEXUS TEAM TOM’S.
He started kart race when he was 16. After graduating high school, he started working at metal molding factory near his house. While working, he entered Suzuka Circuit Formula Racing School (SRS-F) which established in 1995. By the following year, he made a debut in Formula Toyota Four Wheel Race and became a series’ third place by winning two races. In 1997, he promoted to F3. He won a race and gained pole position for three times. Experiencing a sensational debut year, he became the first Asian ever to stand on the victory stand at F3 MACAO GP 1999. In 2000, he participated in All Japan Grand Touring Championship (SUPER GT) as a member of NAKAJIMA RACING team invited by Satoru Nakajima, a former F1 racing pilot due to his representative accomplishment. In 2007, he became a champion as a representative of team ARATA introduced by Aguri Suzuki. In 2008, he made a dramatic transfer from HONDA to TOYOTA (LEXUS). Since then, he is a successor of LEXUS, racing for SUPER GT (GT500 class) in LEXUS TEAM TOM’S.