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TEAM MUGEN shinden

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The world famous race, the Isle of Man TT Zero Race started in 2009. TEAM MUGEN shinden’s first participation to the race was in 2012 with their original electric motorcycles “shinden”, made super light with full carbon body. Until 2011, there were no motorcycles in the same class that could break the record of 100mph per lap average speed. However, shinden broke that record which brought a silver prize in its first race with John McGuiness.

“Shinden 2” designed lighter with more speed was created for the second participation to TT Zero on 2013. Its body design was inspired from wind tunnel experiment. Raced with McGuiness, shinden 2 won the preliminary race and finished the final round 1.6seconds behind champion.

In the third year of participation to TT Zero on 2014, “shinden 3” improved its motor outputs, cornering performance and battery capacity. Reconsidered cowling design inflated its rapid speed dramatically and the newest suspension attached improved the handle control as well. Hoping to win the race, two motorcycles made entry to the round with John McGuiness and Bruce Anstey. Successively, shinden 3 won the top two prizes in both preliminary round and final round.

In the fourth year of participation to TT Zero on 2015, "shinden 4" became lighter with aerodynamics. Energy management, battery coolability and motor coolability were improved. Moreover, the induction of air suspension improved the total performance of shinden 4. Same to 2014, shinden 4 won the top two prizes of both preliminary and the final round with John McGuiness and Bruce Anstey.