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[1996] Started participating to GT300 with MR2 developed originally. This year, the team only participated in Round 5.
[1997] Participated to rounds excluding Round5. Takeshi Tsuchiya and Masaoki Nagashima in Round3 brought a first champion.
[1998] Veteran, Keiichi Suzuki teamed with young Shingo Tachi. The team was very strong this season, winning all five rounds held excluding Round2 cancelled for interaction. The team won a series title in Dokuso.
[1999] Participated to the round, joint with APEX. Morio Nitta and Shinichi Takagi teamed the driver. A new Silvia introduced by NISSAN was successive, only allowing team TSUCHIYA to win a round. However, by scoring points in each rounds, the team took a second consecutive champion.
[2000] Participated to the round, joint with ENDLESS. Manabu Orido who belonged to the team from 1996 and Mitsuhiro Kinoshita who was a developing driver of ENDLESS and YOKOHAMA TIRE teamed the driver. Since the machine provided was not new, they had an uphill battle, which became a good experience for future development.
[2001] Again, they experienced an uphill battle with the year behind model provided. However, improved wind power part brought a better record, where the machine temporally hit the top time in their practice rounds. Manabu Orido and Seiji Ara teamed the driver this season.
[2002] Driver Seiji Ara teamed with Shinichi Yamaji and participated the round with the updated year behind machine. The improvement of the machine was shown by good time record recorded in the opening round. Overall, the season was successful being able stand on the victory stand.
[2003] To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of ADVAN TIRE, they received the full support from YOKOHAMA TIRE. The color of the machine was changed to red and black that represented AVAN and the team was renamed, “TEAM ADVAN TSUCHIYA”. The driver was teamed by Seiji Ara and Jeremie Dufour. Due to TOYOTA’s new policy “to provide the newest machine to all the team participating in GT500 class with TOYOTA”, team TSUCHIYA finally got a new machine in the same level to WORKS TEAM. In the opening race, the team joined the top competition even though they missed the time to test their machine caused by shipment delay. The team was able to show their real power with the newest machine. Unfortunately, they retired the rounds by interacting with the machine running a lap behind. In the later rounds in Round 6, they won a victory stand and gained pole position in the final round. However, the team missed being a series champion by needing to decelerate the machine when evading from the spinning GT300machine.
[2004] FUJITSU TEN became the main sponsorship. New machine was provided. Driver Manabu Orido and Dominik Schwager teamed together, which became Orido’s return round since 2001. The tire this season was good, which helped the machine to reach the top speed as soon as the race started. The team was able to stand on the victory stand twice in this season. Overall, the record was better than previous season but yet not at the point of satisfaction.
[2005] Again, the team raced with the year behind model. The main sponsorship (FUJITUTEN) and tire provider (YOKOHAMA RUBBER CO.LTD) remained as well. In the opening game hosted in Okayama, the team was able to win GT500 due to good machine set up and low potential of the other new SUPRA from WORKS.
[2006] The team participated with SUPRA 2005 model that was used by most of the team previous year while WORKS TEAM from TOYOTA developed a new machine of “LEXUS SC430”. Driver Takeshi Tsuchiya and Manabu Orido teamed together but ended the season with no special record. The team name was changed to “TOYOTA TEAM TSUCHIYA” and the machine’s symbolic colour returned to white and red.
[2007] A 2006 model LEXUS SC430 was provided to Orido and Tsuchiya. They took 6th in Round 2 hosted in Okayama and 5th in Round 4 hosted in Sepang. The record was much better than estimated because the team was not prepared for the tires upgrade under vehicle regulation (to expand the front and rear overhang and to raise vehicle height due to application of skid plate).
[2008] Driver Hiroaki Ishiura, a year before champion of GT300 teamed with Takeshi Tsuchiya. Since they needed to participate to the race with LEXUS SC430 again, they incorporated the newest aero parts the same to other teams in to play a close fight.
[2015] Takeshi Tsuchiya inaugurated as the team representative and restarted TSUCHIYA engineering with car number 25. They participated in SUPER GT in the GT 300 class with mother chassis TOYOTA 86, 7 years since their last participation (last participation to GT300 class was 16 years ago). Haruo Tsuchiya directed the team, with driver Takeshi Tsuchiya who did the team engineering as well and Takamitsu Matsui.