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Masami Kageyama

Racing Driver


Born in May 2nd 1967.
His debut race was in Fuji Speedway, where he left an impact of finishing his final tournament 7th, arising from 23rd in his preliminary race.

Kageyama participated in Fuji Freshman series as a freshman himself, which used to be a race which most freshmen participated to become a top racer. In 1989, he appeared the first time to Formula races when participating to NISSAN Saurus Jr. Cup (Jr. FORMULA), and stepped up to Formula TOYOTA which just started. He became the first champion of Formula TOYOTA by winning three races out of four. In the same year, Kageyama appeared in Japanese Formula 3 Championship, followed with Macau GP which he appeared in 1991 and 1994.

He was given the chance to participate to All Japan F3000 Championship (recently known as Japanese Championship Formula Nippon), where Eddie Irvine, a future F1 driver and Heinz-Harald Frentzen had a heated battle, being recognized for his high average capability to finish his full races and for his admirable record ranking himself second in 1994 series. In 1995, he participated as a driver of Yokohama Advan Tire Works, quickly showing his strength by appearing third on the victory stand in Round 7 of Tokachi. In 1998 series, Kageyama became a series 2nd which was his highest performance throughout the series. He became known as a top driver having a great standing start, often known as “dolphin kick”.

Kageyama began appearing to Japan Touring Car Championship (GroupA) from 1989. He participated in Japan Touring Car Championship as a driver of Yokohama Advan Tire Works for 3 years from 1995, where he experienced a great battle with Tom Kristensen, a future 24 Hours of Le Mans winner.

1990 onwards, Kageyama appeared in N1 Endurance series (lately known as Super Endurance Series from 1995) and won a champion in 1992 and 2007. He also appeared in 24 Hours Endurance races of Tokachi International Speedway held each year for a total of eight times. There, he won a champion for two times and won 2nd place for three times. More than that, his team was highly recognized for finishing all races participated nevertheless of its difficulty. In 1994, Group A was renamed Japan GT Championship (lately named SUPER GT in 2005). Kageyama is one of the few driver who still appears in races held today, beginning his career in N1 Endurance Series. In 1997, he became a series 2nd and in 1998, he became Nissan GT series champion with his team mate, Eric Comas, a former F1 driver representing Nissan Works. Later on, he got awarded to a driver winning the most medals in SUPER GT until 2004, which included his winning race of being a series 2nd in 2000 and series 3rd in 2003, totaling up to nine medals. 2005 onwards, Kageyama participated in GT3000 class with 350Z and joined a project team to develop their machines and to train the new drivers fresh to Nissan. He was well talented in product developing, that he took charge of product development for Hankook Tire (Korea) in 2008, where he participated in the races as their driver as well. That year, he appeared in 111 races, where he got awarded by SUPER GT to be a driver having the most participation to SUPER GT. This included his five participation to 24 Hours of Le Man Races held abroad.

Other from that, he appeared as a driver represnting Toyota training program in 1996 and as a driver representing Nissan Works Team in 1998 and 1999 with his team mate, Aguri Suzuki, a former F1 driver.

In 2000 and 2008, he appeared in 24 Hours of Le Man, where he scored his highest record throughout the participation of becoming 6th in LMP1Class held in 2000.

In 2014, he became the only driver participating to races 21 years in a row, starting of SUPER GT, JTCC. Now he works as a personal adviser for Porsche Carrera Cup (PCCJ), as an Official Adviser Porshce Racing Experience (PRE) Cheaf Instructor Porsche GT3 Challenge Cup (GT3CC).