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Masato Kawabata

Racing Driver


Born in October 15 1977.
Currently, belongs to TOYO TIRES DRIFT TRUST RACING Team.
His first participation to D1 race was the fourth race of 2002. At then, he participated the round with 180SX, made by GP Sports which he worked at. In 2004, he gets selected to Works Team Trust which Hideo Hiraoka retired from. From 2005, he started showing up in the tsuisou rounds driving Silvia (S150) by the latter half of the season and ranked himself 5th. He won his first champion in the 7th race of 2006 in Fuji Speedway. After racing a championship race with Nobushige Kumakubo, Ken Nomura and Yasuyuki Kazama he gets ranked fourth. In 2007, he transferred to TOYO and made good start in the opening game of Ebisu, winning second. However, in round 2 of Fuji Speedway, he interacted with Daigo Saito and crashed Silvia into the tire barrier. Kawabata himself was safe, but the machine was severely damaged. This crash became one of the most severe accident of D1 history.

New machine Silvia was prepared for round 3, Suzuka. He recorded 100points in all 3 tansou (solo runs), a record ever in D1 history. He won round 4, Sugo Circuit the first time in this season and won another round in round6, Autopolis. Unfortunately, he lost his first run in the final tsuiso but won a first D1 series champion winning one point against his rival Kumakubo, who was defeated in his semifinal round.
In 2008, he ran one race with Silvia and the rest with the newly prepared 180SX. Every year, he is close to becoming a champion but in 2008, ends his season ranked 6th.
In 2013, he finally won a second championship in the series champion by winning both tanso (solo run) and tuiso.