Spirit Support

Takashi Miyazawa

Pro Cyclist


Born in February 27 1978.
Currently, he belongs to Bravo.

[Age 18~36] Raced mainly in France and Italy.
[Age 23] Transplanted his liver to his mother.
[Age 29] Won Asian Road Race Champion.
[Age 30] Participated in Summer Olympic.
[Age 32] Won National Road Race Championships and Asian Road Race Championships.
[Age 34] Belonged to “Team Saxo Bank”, a team recognized for its highest categorized racing team out of Union Cyclist International for 2 years.
He became the first Japanese to wear leader’s jersey (best individual time attacker) and point jersey (best sprinter).
Age 36]he retired from racing even though he was selected as a player for the next National Road Race Championship and Asian Road Race
Championship. Now he supports Lemonade Shonan Bellmare Road Race Team as a team manager, personal coaching, maker adviser and product development. Moreover, he is ambitious to show up in medias, TV shows and radios for speeches.