Spirit Support

- To support your vision, to support your spirit. -
“Four Nines Spirit Support” is a project to support and clarify the vision of whom putting their spirit to their specialty through 999.9 glasses and feelsun sunglasses. Four Nines is positive to support any spirit approaching toward a goal that sympathize with Four Nines’ spirit to always reach for a perfection.

- To create a long lasting relation that encourage each other towards the goal -
One important factor to this project is the partnership between Four Nines and whom we support. We target not only the professionals. We are positive to share and understand what each person is giving their spirit to, and if we find any spirits to be honored, we are ambitious to support them regardless of interest. Four Nines hopes that Spirit Support would help stimulate each other for progression toward the goal at the highest standard of quality.

- Supporting more, 999.9 VISION LAB. -
We have opened a training gym called ”999.9 VISION LAB.” to support athletes who want to perform at the maximum level. From our experience in the industry, we will work with the athlete to create a vision training which will suit his own.