999.9 (Four Nines) is a brand established in September 1995, as a pure domestic eyeglasses frame brand.
Since eyeglasses are items placed on our faces; a delicate part of our body, our eyeglasses frames are designed under consideration of Japanese' facial characteristics.

As you may have had experienced, wearing eyeglasses out of size is painful and stressful.

Therefore, Four Nines aims to provide eyeglasses frames which would retrieve people from those stresses.
Moreover, Four Nines aims to provide people with eyeglasses frames delighted to be worn.
An eyeglasses frame made by and released toward Japanese…
This is us, Four Nines eyeglasses frames.


The name of our brand, 999.9 (Four Nines) is originated from the quality indication of pure gold.
The word 999.9 engraved on the ingot of pure gold has the meaning of supreme purity in its quality.

Identically, we Four Nines at all time pursue at a supreme purity in its quality through continual efforts and attempts, aiming for a 1000.
Therefore, we Four Nines will continuously progress for a new possibility and will attempt to provide eyeglasses frames at the highest level of quality.


Whether to put weight on its function or in its design.
This is a subject that cannot be avoided in production of items used by man.
In the creation of an artistic object, selecting design may be the correct choice.
However, once the item is meant to be "used by man", production must carry and overcome the two subjects; function and design.

Similarly, human as well wonders whether to prioritize function or design when making choice and feel them as a great deal.

Choosing eyeglasses are the same.

However, 999.9 (Four Nines') idea toward function and design are not just to make a certain choice, but to consider "eyeglasses as a tool" .

Since we consider eyeglasses as an item to correct one's eyesight, and that the pursuit of its function arrives to its specific admirable shape, we consider "design" to be the outcome of the utmost pursue of "function".

In another word, we could say that no such issue, whether to prioritize function or design exist for us.
We Four Nines consider eyeglasses as a result of compatibility of both function and design.


What is 999.9 (Four Nines) core idea toward function?
It is difficult to conclude it in one word, but to venture, we could say that it is to provide eyeglasses demanded by direct users.

Function is essential to allow eyeglasses users to wear eyeglasses comfortably.
To add on, its comfortability, endurance, quality and expression, all relates to functionality.

By responding to users requests and demands and by involving them into our function, Four Nines' eyeglasses frames progressed in its functionality.
At the same time, design makes its evolution.

For Four Nines, the progression of its function means the evolution of design, again, the evolution of design means the elevation of its function.


You may had heard some voices from eyeglasses users, that they suffer from pain on their noses or ears, or maybe that they are bothered by stained marks on their noses.

These distresses have been a matter of course, since the point of contact made between our faces and eyeglasses are surprisingly small.
In fact, eyeglasses are only supported by two particular points when worn, our noses and ears.

Therefore, 999.9 (Four Nines) intends to provide people with eyeglasses which could reduce stress of wearing eyeglasses and to get them worn with comfort.

To make this in shape, we design eyeglasses to be worn by wrapping them around one's head, at the aim to provide "eyeglasses, pleasant to wear".

As you could see, there are specific reasons behind our unique mounting shape of our eyeglasses frames, as well to its original shape of its temple end tips.

Similarly, as so as the difference in one's characteristics on their faces, there are differences in one's characteristics on their noses.
In order to correspond to these differences, Four Nines' nose pads are distinctive as well.

Our nose pads are designed to touch our nose with large surface area, to allow dispersion of force when worn.
Moreover, not only limited to one diversed design, we provide varieties of nose pads in shape and materials.
We even provide nose pads made by silicon in consideration of users with allergies.


To be strong from destruction and corrosion. These are the two points we 999.9 (Four Nines) eyeglasses frame give value to.
We would not satisfy with only the accomplishment to give our creation with its pleasant comfortability when worn.

Eyeglasses are something which are worn everyday, for a long period of time.
Therefore, the endurance against destruction and corrosion are functions which are necessary for everyday use.

In another word, the reason why we Four Nines come up with distinctive item parts and shapes, and the reason why we pour attention to specific elastic materials are not only to provide comfortable eyeglasses but to provide eyeglasses strong from deformation; having endurance against destruction and corrosion.

To add on, the titanium material used in many of our Four Nines frames are strong against corrosion. In fact, eyeglasses are built from metal not limiting to metal frames but as so in what we call plastic frames. Due to the structure of eyeglasses, there are always a need of metal, such in its hinge and arm lead.

Even though corrosion are accompaniment to metal materials, Four Nines face it with consideration of materials and surface treatment.


Surprisingly, what we cannot over look is the ease to adjust.
Obviously, we do not mean that they are made easy to be adjusted by eyeglasses users theirselves.

What we mean by this is that they are made easy to adjust by the provider.
Maybe these facts are not directly related to eyeglasses users and may not be facts necessary to be known by; however, it is a fact which cannot be forgotten.

To not make investors wait to get their eyeglasses adjusted, and to provide eyeglasses comfortable to wear without giving a complicated adjustment; since we pursue to provide eyeglasses with these additional comfort, our 999.9 (Four Nines) eyeglasses frames are made easy to adjust.

Therefore, the price is set at a value reasonable to its comfortability.
Likely to the dissatisfaction born in purchasing an extremely cheap eyeglasses at its least comfortability, purchasing an extremely expensive eyeglasses at a reasonable comfortability probably would not satisfy you.

Our Four Nines eyeglasses frames' price certainly differ according to its type; however, we are sure and promise that they are kept at their fair price.


Preference and values depends on each individuals.
We 999.9 (Four Nines) aim to provide comfortable eyeglasses frames to as many eyeglasses users as possible, in order to expand one's choice.

We believe that our effort to provide people with additional choices are again, part of our quality we see in Four Nines' eyeglasses frames.

Therefore, we do not distinguish eyeglasses frames according to one's age, such as for young or for elderly.

To add on, we consider wearing same eyeglasses frame among family is nothing strange if each individuals are satisfied and are wanting the same eyeglasses frames.

On the other hand, we actually do deal with eyeglasses frames made for kids and eyeglasses frames made for a specific use such as for reading.

However, we consider these distinguished items we offer as an outcome of pursue of eyeglasses frames used for specific occasion, rather than as a classification in accordance to individual's age range.

Regarding to free choice of eyeglasses frames, we could say the same for sex.
Therefore, our eyeglasses frames are made for unisex.

However, taking note of women searching for women eyeglasses frame under consideration, we do offer eyeglasses frames for women as well.


Eyeglasses frames are, in a manner not ready to be worn when bought.
It gets ready once it get adjusted according to one's face and their use.

Therefore, we do not deal with mail orders which do not allow us any direct adjustment on consumer's facial characteristics nor any consultation.

We, 999.9 (Four Nines) make sure to be an eyeglasses frame company which could supply people with adjusted eyeglasses frame on facial characteristics and after services to be done; through our shops under a direct management of Four Nines and at our agencies.